What is A Wager in An Online Casino, How to Keep A Client in 2022

In the face of fierce competition, online gambling establishments use all possible tools to attract and retain customers. Online casino advertising is full of bonus offers for registration or the first replenishment of a gaming account. Beginners flock to such promotions in the hope of quickly withdrawing money from the deposit. But they are waiting for a wagering condition. Without which the withdrawal of funds is almost impossible – a wager (from the English wager – a bet).

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What Are Wagering Bonuses?

  • Bonus upon registration;
  • Interest on the first replenishment of the game account;
  • Interest on subsequent deposits;
  • Promotions dedicated to holidays and memorable dates;
  • Periodic promotions by days of the week, months, quarters, etc.

The list can be supplemented with the development of marketing tools.

What is A Wager in An Online Casino, How to Keep A Client in 2022

What is A “Wager”? And How to Play “Wager”?

Wager – the minimum number of bets that a player must make in order able to withdraw money. From a personal account. The wager amount is the number of bets. That the player needs to wager. Installed by a gambling establishment.

If you take a closer look at the bonus offer of the casino. You will notice that, in addition to the size of the bonus as a percentage. Accrued by the institution for a certain amount of replenishment of the deposit. There is a certain number. It can be anything and is chosen by casino marketers. Who have calculated the benefits for the establishment. Bitstarz,

For example, according to you need to replenish your account with an amount of $100. It will be credited with a 100% bonus with a wager of 40x. Before trying to withdraw money from the account. The player will have to wager the bonus 40 times: $100 x 40 = $4000.

The wager conditions are set in order to keep the player in the field of influence. At least for a while until the specified amount is won back.

The second meaning of the wager is the fight against bonus hunters (bonus hunters). Some time ago, casino bonuses could be withdrawn without wagering. And bonus hunters successfully used easy money. This practice has now been discontinued.

In addition to the size of the wager. The casino additionally sets for wagering:

  • a certain amount of bets;
  • predetermined gaming machine;
  • wagering time limits (from 2 weeks to a month).

It becomes much more difficult to wager the received bonus. The player is driven into a rigid framework. The exit from which threatens with the loss of the received winnings, and even the money on the deposit.

Hidden bonus tricks: Online Casino

Some gambling establishments on the network first write off the gambler’s money from the game account. And put bonus accruals at the end of expenses. The player will have to first lose his hard-earned funds and only then use the bonus. In this case, the bonus refuse if the player has not touched the gift money.

Other online casinos go further and require you to wager. The amount that includes the first deposit and bonus accrual. Such wagering conditions are extremely unacceptable, since. The player will have to wager a multiply increased amount multiplied by the wager.

Some casinos automatically accrue bonuses, making the gambler a hostage of their institution. Having replenished the account for a round sum. The player is force to win back the bonus with a wager for a long time without. Attempts to withdraw money lead to the termination of the transaction with the operator and the withdrawal of funds from the account. Leaving only the amount of the first replenishment untouched.

If the requirements are too strict, then it is easier for the player to refuse money from. The casino or find another institution with less difficult conditions. Too low wagers or excessively high ones should alert. The player – they say that the casino is playing a dishonest game.

It should be borne in mind that there are no unified wagering standards. That apply in every gambling establishment. Casinos are free to come up with various requirements. Since they not limited in these actions the regulator or internal agreements between participants in the gambling market.

What wagering strategies do players use

Despite the conditions of gambling establishments on the network, it is quite possible to wager a gift bonus. To do this, the player needs to arm himself with the basics of probability theory and calculate the mathematical expectation, taking into account the variance.

For example, after replenishing a deposit of $100, a 100% bonus receive with a wager of 35x. In this case, the mathematical expectation is 2.86%. In order not to be a loser, you need to choose a slot machine with a prize return of at least 100 – 2.86 = 97.14%.

With a long game on the slot, the variance of the probability theory begins to tend to zero, and the player gets a chance to return 97.14% of the bets in the form of winnings. Winning back significant amounts of the deposit, multiplied by the wager, it will take a long time to bet, but in the end you can stay in the black.

For other wagering sizes, the mathematical expectation will have a different result.

Bonuses without wager: Online Casino

The most common bonus without a wager is a no deposit gift accrual in the form of free spins – free spins of the reels. There are also some restrictions imposed  the institution. These bet size limits, playing on the specified slot, etc.

Another type of bonus without a wager a very small percentage for replenishing a game account (no more than 10% of the specified amount). A bonus accrual of game currency (credits, stars, chips). Which makes it possible to play, but  withdrawn from the account in any way.

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