How to Play and Win Big at Dice Games with Bitcoin

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and Dice Games with Bitcoin online gambling for fun, casino games that combine the two are sure to reap huge success. So it’s not hard to see why Bitcoin dice games are leading the way in popularity among players. Let’s take a closer look at what you should know about these games!

Since The Advent of Bitcoin,

Traditional dice games have been transformed into more unique online gambling experiences. In addition to the eye-catching new features, there are some differences between the dice game at a traditional casino and an online casino that you must be aware of.

The first and most obvious difference is that Bitcoin dice games offer a superior experience in terms of transaction speed and identity security while playing. This makes this a very suitable way to earn real money from the Bitcoin dice game. Let’s see below why you can do that:

Fair and Transparent Games:

Thanks to blockchain technology, players can now easily confirm that the outcome of the dice is completely random and without technical interference by the casino organizer.

Fast Money Transaction Speed:

Because virtual currency transactions are peer-to-peer, your bonus withdrawal speed is also faster than traditional withdrawal methods using real money. This is because the bonus will go directly to your virtual wallet without having to go through complicated middlemen and confirmation steps. As a result, you will save a lot of time handling bonuses between rounds and can participate in the game more.

Play Anonymously:

Although most Bitcoin casinos allow you to remain anonymous when playing, some of the more reputable and certified gambling platforms may still require you to verify your identity. This is where you must provide information such as identification and proof of address to verify your identity. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential, and known only by authorized personnel.

What is a Bitcoin dice game? – Dice Games with Bitcoin

In dice games, you will bet on the outcome of the dice. Bitcoin dice games also apply the same concept but there will be some differences in the rules of the game and what can be used to wager. One obvious difference is that you have to bet with Bitcoin instead of real money. However, most Bitcoin dice games also allow you to bet using real money for more flexibility. Here are some basic instructions on how to play a Bitcoin dice game:

Choose The Minimum or Maximum you Want to Bet.

Select the number of dice you want to bet. Different from a normal dice game, the number that you can choose in a Bitcoin dice game can go up to hundreds or thousands depending on the game.

Choose a bet type. You can bet the Roll-Hi is when the dice result is greater than your chosen number, or you can bet the Roll-Lo is when the dice result is lower than your number.

Click the “Roll the Dice” button to start betting and wait for the random number system (RNG) to draw the resulting number.

You win if your correct number is lower or higher than the predicted result. Otherwise, you will lose this round.

Useful tips on Betting in Bitcoin Dice Game That You Should Apply

In addition to the potential to win big rewards, participating in Bitcoin dice games for real money also means you are risking pieces of your assets at risk of being lost forever. That’s why you need to learn how to bet wisely to make sure your money isn’t wasted. Fortunately, these Bitcoin dice games also have strategies for you to apply and maximize your winnings. Here are some strategies for you to learn:

Always Pocket Half of the Winnings to Ensure Profits

One of the most important goals of a Bitcoin dice player is to have bonuses to pocket after rounds. Therefore, you should always remember to pocket half of the bonus immediately after winning so that you do not have to leave empty-handed. You are not allowed to touch MrGreen this money for the rest of the rounds after pocketing, and you should learn how to manage your money to control it better.

How to Play and Win Big at Dice Games with Bitcoin

Increase Your Stake Slowly

Responsible gambling  means knowing how to manage real money wisely for high efficiency. One way to do this is to increase your stake slowly, avoiding depositing too much money in just one round. Betting large stakes only causes your funds to deplete quickly after a few rounds of play. Therefore, betting a lot of small stakes is not only a safer strategy but also helps you have more chances of winning.

Only Play At a Reputable casino – Dice Games with Bitcoin

There are many casinos where you can join to play Bitcoin dice, but not all casinos will be as reputable and safe as Bitcasino. You will also have a higher winning rate when playing at Bitcasino because it offers a lot  of  attractive promotions and promotions .

Try Different Bitcoin Dice Strategies

Bitcoin dice games can look very simple at first, as all you have to do is predict whether the dice result will be higher or lower than your chosen number. However, if you have good Bitcoin dice strategies, you can better control your luck to bring in even more loot. Always make sure every time you play you have good strategies and preparation!

The Best Bitcoin Dice Strategies – Dice Games with Bitcoin

Once you’ve understood the rules and read through the helpful tips, you’re all set to try your luck with a Bitcoin dice game. However, if you want the perfect win, your best bet is to learn more about the following strategies to maximize your chances of winning:

Martingale Dice Strategy

The Martingale dice strategy is one of the most popular strategies used by players. The premise of this strategy is that if you lose the first round, then the outcome of the next round will most likely be the opposite. So if you double your stake in the next round, it will help you recover the loss of the previous round. Here’s how you roll out the Martingale dice strategy:

Place a bet. – Dice Games with Bitcoin

If you win, continue to bet the same way. Double your stake in the next round to try to undo the previous loss. If you also lose in the next round, keep doubling. The stake in the next rounds until you win. After you win, you can return to the original stake value.

Strategies to Roll The Dice Break Even Martingale – Dice Games with Bitcoin

The Martingale break-even dice strategy is a variation of the traditional Martingale strategy. It is applied when you are losing many rounds in a row to help you stay strong by reducing. The speed of doubling the pile. Unlike the traditional strategy. You will not double immediately after every time you lose.

With this strategy, you can conventionally double after a certain amount of consecutive losses. For example, if your convention is to only double after 2 consecutive losses. Then if you deposit 5 mBTC and lose. Then you might consider doubling it to 10 mBTC if you also lose the next round.

Paroli Dice Strategy

The Paroli dice strategy is the opposite of the above Martingale strategies. Instead of doubling after every loss. With this strategy you will double your stake after every win. You can also apply breakeven and consecutive win convention before deciding to double. However, if you lose, you must return to the original stake value.

D’Alembert Dice Strategy

D’Alembert dice strategy is the same strategy as Martingale in that you also increase or decrease the stake based on your winning or losing result. The only difference is that instead of increasing or decreasing by a double amount, you only increase or decrease by 1 unit from the original.

For example, if you initially deposit 1 mBTC it will become 2 mBTC when you lose. And so on, you will only keep increasing it to 3 mBTC if you lose again, instead of doubling it to 4 mBTC like when applying the Martingale strategy.

1-3-2-6 . Dice Strategy – Dice Games with Bitcoin

The 1-3-2-6 dice strategy is a rather complicated one as you use the 1-3-2-6 counting system to control your stake. To explain this strategy, suppose you assign 1 unit to 1 mBTC, 3 units to 2 mBTC, 2 units to 3 mBTC and 6 units to 4 mBTC. Here’s how you would apply this tactic:

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You Start by Betting 1 Unit (1 mBTC). If you Lose, Keep Betting 1 Unit Until You Win.

After you win, increase to 3 units (2 mBTC). If you win again, keep going up 2 units (3 mBTC) until you hit 6 units (4 mBTC). However, if you lose at any point while applying this counting system then you have to start over from 1 unit. After you have reached 6 units, return to 1 unit even if the previous result was win or lose.

If you can win consecutively, you can absolutely profit from this strategy. For example, if you have passed the points 1-3-2, under this system you will continue to bet with 6 units. Even if you lose this last round of betting, you’ve made a total of 6 units from your previous wins. This is similar to when you lose after the 2nd betting round because you made 2 units before losing.

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