The Best Poker Movies: Our Pick

Discover the Best Poker Movies in this interesting article What are the best poker movies? Here is our personal ranking: from the famous “The Sting” to “Molly’s Game”, discover the most beautiful films about the world of casinos.

The theme of gambling and compulsive gambling is a deeply rooted common thread in the world of cinema, applied to certain genres in particular, such as detective stories and thrillers. Both the Hollywood cinema of yesteryear (with echoes of westerns) and Italian comedy have often developed plots and themes around the idea of ​​the game, without great declinations but through a meticulous construction of characters.

After all, sitting at a table in an online casino , although not only, is a solemn moment, for some a ritual, where challenge and emotions play a fundamental role. And the big screen has been able to show through the skill of the interpreters all the gears hidden behind a poker hand, for example. Skill, corruption, betrayal, attraction and online gaming are the most recurring themes, although the “bad guys” don’t always get their way. The protagonists are especially “anonymous” young people, who bring to light their talent that emerged in their bedrooms or in a mathematics class at school.

The family also plays a crucial role, very often linked to the figure of the father and difficult relationships, to the theme of the game as social redemption of an unsatisfactory condition, but above all for personal, narcissistic and less purely economic satisfaction. Let’s discover, then, the best poker movies in history, without trying to elaborate a classification.

The Best Poker Movies: Our Pick | CasinoSlotPoker

Best poker movies: this is our ranking

The Sting

We begin with one of the most famous titles on the subject, officially published in 1973. “The Coup” set in the 1930s, brings together star actors such as Robert Redford and Paul Newman in a clever game of shots and twists that electrify the viewer. The soundtrack “The Entertainer” makes the setting more realistic, one of the seven Oscars this masterpiece has won. The theme revolves around revenge, MBitCasino deception and illusion, and it is in this last point that it is well illustrated how easy it is to be on top and crash in a matter of moments.

Rounders – Final Bet

Let’s start with a great classic from 1998, “Rounders,” with an all-star cast that includes Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. The title itself is already an allusion to the world of gambling, since it identifies all those who make poker a real job. The casino environment is approached here according to the logic of “sin”, within the scenarios of decadent New York. Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon, experiences the emotional whirlwind of him first breaking down after a bad loss and then returning to the gaming tables because in the end “you can’t run away from who you are.”

The Best Poker Movies: Our Pick | CasinoSlotPoker


Inspired by the famous television series made in 1957, Maverick has in its title. A clear reference to what we will see, since the etymology of the name means “free man”. The references to the western are completely overturned. Abandoning all forms and ideas of machismo to embrace. The game, the joke, the bluff, everything becomes more intellectual.

There will be no shortage of obstacles and the cast, made up of Mel Gibson. Jodie Foster and James Garner, helps to overcome the slowdowns. The great analogies with reality paint a hard and arduous life in. The face of people who are always ready to deceive us and lead us on. A bumpy road, just to prevent us from reaching our goal. And, in the end, not even money is that important.

Kidpoker – 2015

Documentary made by Netflix that recounts the life of Daniel Negreanu. World poker star, to include in the plot delicate family problems and. The weight of such early success (Daniel is, in fact, the youngest player to have swept the Series Poker World Cups. Witness to the six bracelets on his right arm). From the narrative point of view, there is nothing remarkable. But a product of this genre was missing. That really illustrated. What the life of a poker player is like.

All in: The Poker Movie

Also in the realm of documentaries is the 2009 film. That offers a glimpse of the gaming boom in the 2000s. How it became a mass phenomenon for all intents and purposes, exploiting technology and marketing in its the beginning. There are also interviews with poker aces, as well as insight into the business figures revolving around the industry.


Molly’s Game – Master Bet

Molly Bloom, aka the “poker princess”, with a past as a skier to the point of becoming. A danger to the FBI. The film follows the autobiography of the former Circus Blanco star. Whose career choices are unspectacular from a cinematographic point of view. But quite unique when contextualized in reality. The names of Bloom’s personal adversaries and clients also implicate establish Hollywood stars. But the focus is on the identity of Player X, which, despite never being reveal. Publicly, leads directly to the name of Tobey Maguire.

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